The Dentistry School of the Sofia Medicine University was established in 1942. It has 8 departments, which cover all the specializations of modern dental science.

Studies Dentistry are structured in three stages that last six years.

During the first two years students are provided with general knowledge of medicine and biology.

The clinical and medical education take place from the second to the tenth semester and include specialization at the profile of general medical and specialized dental fields.

The undergraduate trainee practice is completed with state exams and students who succeed are granted with a Master’s degree and the title Dental Doctor and the license to practice the profession.

The School of Dentistry also offers English-speaking classes for foreign students.

The studies in the English language are acknowledged by the Bulgarian State, and according to European guidance, graduates are directly given their professional rights to all member states of the European Union. Thus they can practice the corresponding exercise specialization, without taking exams, in any member-state they choose and get their license to practice.

The tuition fees for each academic year in English-speaking classes are 8.000 euros and are paid in two installments, at the beginning of each semester.

Way of admission: Test in English, Biology and Chemistry.