Excellence over time…

Knowledge, experience and method, the triptych of the guaranteed admission to universities. All universities in Bulgaria accept their students through competitive admittance exams. The excellent preparation of the students is, therefore, important, so that they are able to achieve their goal with absolute success.

Our long experience of this process and our knowledge of the requirements of the educational institutes give us the ability to properly prepare our candidate students and have guaranteed results concerning their admittance to the University and school of their choice.

Actual presence in Sofia, by the student, the key to the fastest graduation

Our actual presence in the center of Sofia, nearby most Universities, give us the absolute comparative advantage. We stand by every student, from admittance to graduation and we assist them throughout the course of their studies. Our human resources are beside them not only to fulfil their career dreams and ambitions, but also to cope with everyday problems so that they are undistractedly focused on their studies.